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The reputation of a moving company is one of the biggest factors in selecting a mover, but for Florida moves, it should be the biggest factor. Consider the care and effort that movers must apply. Experience and capability should take precedence over price when selecting an interstate or coast to coast mover.

Florida and commercial move charges are based mainly on the weight of your items and the distance they need to be moved. It just makes sense that moving a sparsely furnished four-room house from Atlanta to Baltimore will be cheaper than moving a twenty-room house packed with furniture from Boston to Seattle.

Since full moving trailers by single households, discounts are always available because moving companies have to consolidate a few households' items together into one 18-wheel truck.

Because weight is perhaps the biggest determinant of price for a Florida move, here is something you must know:

The weight of your items is actually measured on a scale. Only, the scale is for the moving truck. Before the move, the weight of the truck without your goods is measured. This is called "empty weight". The scales are usually located at the nearest truck stops or at the moving companies' facilities. You are allowed to accompany the driver to the scale during the weigh-in to ensure that everything is in order. Make sure that your mover provides you with an "empty weight" receipt.

In order to avoid additional charges during the interstate move, you must:

  • Know the layout of your new community or apartment complex.
    • Know if the area will accommodate huge 18-wheelers.
    • Know the building restrictions beforehand.
    • Know about walkway/elevator access.

The moving company will have no knowledge of this information, so it is up to you to provide it to the best of your knowledge.


    Make the movers guarantee the time of arrival - tell them to provide you with two time slots - one being the anticipated time of arrival and the other factoring in unforeseen difficulties such as weather, traffic, flat tires, etc.

  • For the duration of the estimated time slots, have someone available at your new destination to receive your items, otherwise, the items will be placed into a storage facility.
    • This means you will have to pay for a number of extra costs:
    • The effort it took to place your items in storage
    • The renting of the storage space
    • The time, truck, and manpower that it will take for them to deliver them back to your home/apartment.

Avoid this nightmare by being at your new destination before your moving company. Have the time frame to work with.

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